Add New Post…!

Add New Post every year..naah every month..naah every week..naah..every day..naah every hour..naah every thats enough..i know thats exaggeration of adding something new at every moment..but yeah frnz thats only life..only if  ‘1’  second is added to 6:45:59  the time is changed to ‘6:46:00″ , that means life itself is adding something to your life and denotating you that life is a “cHaNgE”..see i am changing the font of my writing style..not for the sake that i have to bring changes but  because  i am feeling kind of  joy in seeing the world by wearing the glasses of different color every moment..:)

Sometimes change should be in  the way you are behaving with adding a line:

“YoU  DoNt   HaVe  To  be  SuPeR  NiCe  AlwaYs..SometiMeS   YoU  HaVe  To  ShoW   YoUr BaD  SidE  alsO  So ThaT You Can SoRt  Out   WhO  CaN  AccEpT  YoU   EveN  At  YoUr  WoRsT  MooDs   And  WorsT  TimEs.. !  ”

i guess  you wont take it in other way…! But the nature of the person cant be the same stone line always and  if in someone’s case it is  same as always..then this is the indication that  it is concocted !

And being in the science field i want to relate and tell you that the more change in flux results into the increase in the potential.. relating it to our lives,  if i am capable of modulating  myself and altering myself to the present needs i am totally sufficing to the actual statement in the Darwin’s  Theory  of Evolution explaining “descent with modification”.

Well extending the nature of adding, i tried to add blogging as my hobby n successfully i created the account..and then the turn of adding a new and first post i created dis post by the title you can see! hopefully i belive that i am very clear to all you guys ,that  i wrote this post to accelerate my nature of appending stuffz…!